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You Are Not Alone - A Real Life Addiction Story

As a child, I always thought that drugs ere those coloring tablets which the doctors gave only prescribed to ill patientsand taking them, would cure the troubles of the sufferer. This often made me wonder: Why were those people in the movie, who took drugs, arrested by the police?

Later I found that the drugs are also those compounds which people take to get high. I also got to know from my parents and the media that addiction to drugs are dangerous. They consist of compounds which make you severely addicted and 'good for nothing'. This ideas got reinforced in my mind as I recollected movie scenes of people getting drowsy and nearly unconscious after snorting some powder in their nose or injecting a syringe into their veins. I started hating the word drugs and even started hating those who were addicted to them. Why would someone do things like steal, lie, and harm others simply to obtain some of that white powder?

As time passed, I came to know what made drugs addictive. Most of the drugs directly affect the nervous system of the person. This makes a person either hyper-active or completely dormant towards the outer world. This makes the nervous stimuli go beyond the usual limits of functioning and makes the victim hallucinate or behave in ways that they would not do normally.

The addictive qualities is that the victim addicted to the drug starts loving that experience and often chooses it as an easy escape from social and economical worries. But once the positive effects of the drug loses its impact, the victim starts feeling uncomfortable in the actual world and finds it difficult to live as a normal person. The victim addicted to the drug will strive to greater lengths to obtain the drug in order to repeat the enchanting experience. Many people addicted to drugs will mention that they needed to maintain their addiction in order to feel normal. Their tolerance for the drug changes and the person will feel uneasy or ill once the drug leaves their system, making it more likely that the experience will be repeated again and again.

This was the time when I started empathizing with those who became addicted. I realized that they didn't chase drugs for doing crimes but they were slaves of their own high.

Interestingly, all the drugs namely Heroin, cocaine, LSD, morphine, etc. were actually discovered by clinicians and doctors to be used as pain killers for chronic and painful illnesses. It was later that their misuses overtook their actual purpose of invention. Today these same drugs invented in a laboratory have taken to the underworld and the addictive cycles they cause is tragic for individuals and their families. To overcome your own addictions, you can Seek An Online Counselor to give you the discreet support and guidance to get you onto recovery It's Only A Click Away!